Stories by:

Poppy Z. Brite
Dominick Cancilla
M. Christian
J.R. Corcorrhan
Samuel Cross
Stephen Dedman
Robert Devereaux
Ian Grey
Rob Hardin
Nancy Holder
Charlee Jacob
Thomas S. Roche
Jay Russell
Lorelei Shannon
David J. Schow
John Shirley
Julia Solis
Steve Rasnic Tem
Anne Tourney
Connie Wilkins

edited by Paula Guran
cover by Rick Berry
published by Venus or Vixen

Embraces: Dark Erotica Cover Longing for sizzling stories of sexy demon lovers, seductive vampires seething with oral metaphor, kinky succubi ready for nameless sins? Are you slavering to taste the obscene forked kiss of tales that titillate and terrorize?

This isn't it.

If you want unsurprising, comfortable "erotic horror," you've got the wrong book Go back to reading Fangs For The Mammaries XXIV

If you want something a little dangerous, stories that take a chance, and--instead of opting for the safety of the now-accepted subgenre of "erotic horror"--draw blood with writing that goes a step further, an inch deeper than before...


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Publishers Weekly: "...this fine anthology would have made a mark in the leanest of years. Provocative, intelligent, subversive and, above all, artful, this is a horror anthology that every discerning admirer of the genre--or of erotica--will want to embrace." "There are no disappointments, which is almost unheard of in an anthology. Embraces: Dark Erotica pulls no punches and never fails to deliver the goods."

Scarlet Letters: "The stories in Embraces are thoughtful, challenging, and not at all everyday fare ...Embraces is not to be missed."

Hellnotes: "Editor Guran has done a great job of selecting stories with the widest possible range of viewpoints, styles, and orientations...chances are you'll find plenty here you've not seen before." "An anthology as varied as it is brilliant."

Baryon: "The most packed volume of 'dark erotica' that has been available within my deserves to be on everyone's best of the year list. Any story in it would also make the list as well."

The Sharpe Tongue: "...a mind-blowing, horizon-broadening experience...The 21 stories in this fine collection are bizarre, it's true, and there's no lack of bloodshed or horror. But ...each one looks at the underside of erotic life through fresh eyes, some even bordering on the experimental -- and each one is a treasure.

Clean Sheets: "The writing is strong, surprising, and imaginative...There are no formulas, no cliches, and many strong images..."


Two stories chosen for YEARS BEST EROTICA 2000

Five stories chosen as Honorable Mentions for YEARS BEST HORROR AND FANTASY 14

Nominated for International Horror Guild Award for Outstanding Achievement in an Anthology

Read "The Virgin Spring" by Lorelei Shannon on Salon

Trade Paperback: 232 pages; $14.95
Dimensions (in inches): 0.55 x 8.00 x 5.29
ISBN: 0967363810