John Shirley is the author of numerous books and many, many short stories. His novels include Bleak History, Crawlers, Demons, In Darkness Waiting, and seminal cyberpunk works City Come A-Walkin', and the A Song Called Youth trilogy of Eclipse, Eclipse Penumbra, and Eclipse Corona. His collections include the Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild award-winning Black Butterflies, Living Shadows: Stories: New & Pre-owned, and In Extremis: The Most Extreme Short Stories of John Shirley. He also writes for screen (The Crow) and television. As a musician Shirley has fronted his own bands and written lyrics for Blue Öyster Cult and others.

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Wyatt in Wichita
John Shirley's first historical novel:

(Now available in trade paperback and ebook)

Stemming from a true passion and interest in one of the Wild West’s most indelible characters, Wyatt in Wichita is a thrilling read and an imagined glimpse into a seldom-seen side of Wyatt Earp and the untamed frontiers of America. Wyatt in Wichita fuses historical fact with fiction, following the adventures of the young Wyatt Earp. After the tragic loss of his first wife in the Missouri of 1870, Wyatt eventually makes his way to Wichita, where—by confronting corruption—he would eventually finally find his life’s work as a tough lawman. Could Wyatt Earp have known Billy the Kid when the kid was really just that? Could Wyatt have met up with Wild Bill Hickok? Using the sparse trails of historical evidence, the lives of the famous and infamous intersect in Shirley’s novel, which revolves around Wyatt’s search—with Bat Masterson at his side—for the murderer of an innocent young woman.

Doyle After Death

Doyle After Death by John Shirley

(Now available in mass market paperback and ebook)

From award-winning author John Shirley comes an inventive whodunit featuring the master of mysteries, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

When Nicholas Fogg, an unsuccessful private investigator, dies on the job, he learns that the afterlife is not what he expected. Disappointed—but not too surprised—to find himself in the very dead town of Garden Rest, he befriends the famous Arthur Conan Doyle to crack a case from beyond the grave and solve the ultimate riddle: Is it possible to be murdered if you are already dead?

  • Interview with John Shirley by Kelly Burnette: This in-depth interview is for Michael Moorcock's New Worlds available here. Also fiction by John Shirley, "Meerga"! (You'll need to subscribe to access the fiction.)

  • New Nonfiction: New Taboos by John Shirley
    Publisher: PM Press/Outspoken Authors | ISBN: 978-1-60486-761-9

    Mixing outlaw humor, SF adventure, and cutting social criticism, Shirley draws upon his entire arsenal of narrative and commentary. The title essay, "New Taboos" is his prescription for a radical re-visioning of America. A new short story, "State of Imprisonment," is a horrifying and hilarious look at the privatization of the prison industry. The 1% get their comeuppance in "Where the Market's Hottest." His TEDx address (delivered in Brussels, 2011) presents his proudly contrarian view of the next forty years.

    Also featured is our Outspoken Interview showcasing the author's transgressive sensibility, deep humanity, and mordant wit.

    [Publisher's Page]

  • Music from John Shirley: Now available!

  • Suicide Girls interview with John Shirley: John Shirley: The Crow: Death and Rebirth
  • New interview with John Shirley here.
  • Hear John Shirley's story "Isolation Point" on Tales To Terrify No. 18 (John Shirley).
  • Eight newly released videos of John Shirley performing with SadoNation circa 1978.
  • A Song Called Youth: An omnibus of all three novels, revised by the author, complete in one volume--Eclipse, Eclipse Penumbra, Eclipse Corona--of the prophetic, still frighteningly relevant cyberpunk masterpiece. "A Song Called Youth might very well be John Shirley's signature production, still ringing with the clarion call of a bygone era."--Asimov's
  • Everything is Broken: "That staple of cautionary science fiction, the near future, becomes especially 'near' in this disaster novel from one of fantastic fiction's most hard-hitting talents....EVERYTHING IS BROKEN emerges as a violent, vivid, viscerally upsetting and wholly unflinching nightmare of a novel, which profoundly illustrates the very point of having a civilization in the first place, and the risks we undertake by dismantling infrastructure in the name of short term savings. It's not just a compelling read, but an important one...GRADE A."--SciFi Magazine