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All lyrics and vocals on this page (except where noted) by John Shirley

John Shirley with Obsession! A recording of the legendary NYC band from the 1980s: "I Am Electricity"!

Portland Punk 2004
(Recorded: 2004)
Punk Page!
with photos (by Micky Shirley) and four songs recorded live with the Monitors
on October 29, 2004
Songs w/Tony de Stefano
(Recorded: 2000)
  • essence
    Shirley Comments: Here you can make out my roots as former lead singer of SadoNation, but the song is about the idea that our true identities are concealed under the scar tissue of social condition and the wrong kind of parenting. And it's about the energy that comes from getting to that essential self.
  • longing
    Shirley Comments:This cut acknowledges that we all long for something difficult to define, something that the gnostics longed for, the mystics sought for, the Sufis worked at -- a connection to what the Sufis called 'the beloved'. It may be an authentic love relationship, if you like, but it's also something else: we're longing for another kind of connection with the intelligence that underlies reality itself.
  • sadonation cuts
    Videos of John Shirley LIVE with SadoNation circa 1978

    (Recorded: circa 1978)
    Shirley Comments: This is real 70s punk rock, boys and girls, not some weakass 21st century imitation!

    Red Star cuts
    (Recorded: 1997)
    Paul Di Filippo, "Asimov's": John Shirley's latest album with The Panther Moderns, Red Star, gallops with arsenical brio through vast landscapes of sound like a posse consisting of The Tubes and David Byrne, Devo and Ministry, Mink DeVille and Frank Zappa. Saddle up now!

    Music, except vocals, by John Karr

    new demos
    (Recorded: 2003)
    Shirley Comments: These were done in just a take or two -- sort of a combination of spoken word, song, and story. Most have a jazz or "bluesy" feel.

    Bass, percussion and production: Corby Simpson
    Guitar: Dale Van Wormer.


    Lyrics by John Shirley appear on these Blue Oyster Cult albums:

    • Then and Now (2003)
    • A Long Days Night (Live) (2002)
    • Curse of the Hidden Mirror (2001)
    • Heaven Forbid (1998)
    • Bad Channels (1992)
    ...and on this D.C. Moon album:
    • The Uncertainty Principle (1997)


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