Four Walls Eight Windows
224 pages/ $13.95
ISBN: 1568581912


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|| William Gibson's Forward ||

This is it.

William Gibson explains plainly and firmly in his introduction just where this book and its writer stand in the establishment of cyberpunk. Zero hour. Mother and father to all that came after it.

Republished in 2001, it remains as new and vibrant as when it was written twenty-two years ago.

The city become flesh and walking among us. Lowlife and high stakes on future-bleak streets with tech enhancements. A love story: a triangle between a man, a woman and a city.

Stu Cole. Everyman. A club owner too old to dream, too hard to hope, too caring to quite give in -- a redemptive, reluctant hero.
Catz Wailen. A tough little rocker with a psychic connection and a heart of gold.
City. All of San Francisco. A sentient, compelling, enigmatic being fighting for life.

And there are bad guys, really bad guys.

Here's the world we all caught on to...AFTER we saw Blade Runner...and read Neuromancer...and re-read Dick....and got wired and started living part of the future. But City was already there.